SimCity BuildIt is the Game for Young Children to Plan and Create

Creating a city and making it beautiful with well laid roads, beautiful buildings, factories producing goods and people going about busily with their day-to-day life are what simcity buildit is all about. As the mayor of the city you have to keep the residents happy as a happy population is willing to pay tax which is the main source of revenue to the city. The way the mayor or the player uses his resources is what adds to the charm of the game.

 SimCity is just an ordinary game that can be played safely by children and teenagers. There is no filthy language, crime or sexual activities involved in the game which makes it harmless. The thrill of building new structures, keeping the city functioning continuously and responding to the needs and complaints of the population keeps players glued to the game. Children learn the basic needs of living such as factory production; maintain proper rules of the road, controlling pollution, etc. The child learns that the demand and supply factors have to be considered during the production process by factories; the traffic should be well maintained, the city should be kept pollution free so that residents are not harmed by the resulting pollution of factories. These are the basic functions that the city should perform and the player gets to learn these functions through SimCity. Certain children would love to play with real money to hasten the functioning of the city. Parents can keep a watch on their children, by disabling the purchases which is possible through the in-app activity. The graphical presentation of the entire city is awesome and attracts young children to participate in the game. The game runs at the speed that young children can follow. With patience and alertness, they can earn coins and currencies to build up resources that are required for the city to function well.


The town is created on a small area with residential zones and industrial zones. What children see in practice and read in school such as social are implemented it in their game. They realize that industries play an important role in the economy of the city. They realize that citizens earn their money by going for work which they need for many things in life such as food, clothes and shelter. They go to factories and do work such as production of various goods to earn money. As responsible citizens, they pay a certain part of their income as tax to the government. The government collects the tax money and provides various facilities to the citizens such as laying down roads, providing proper water and power facilities. Children are made to realize that the authority in charge of the town such as the mayor of simcity buildit has to provide these facilities to the citizens properly. The game also encourages interaction among friends when they play together. The game involves coins which the children earn while playing the game or they can make use of simcity buildit cheats  to get free money.

Madden Mobile Features and Gameplay

madden nfl mobile

Madden Mobile game is a football game which has been in use for a long time now. EA generally releases a new version of the game around the time of the NFL premium season. When you start to play the game, you will notice that the game has every details of the football game down to the dot. This includes everything from the tossing of the coin to the cheering of the crowd. You can choose your team of players and play alternating between them. Once you start the game, you have register and choose an origin after which you can start your game.


As far as gameplay is concerned, Madden Mobile game gives you the ultimate football showdown between two teams. Players who are on-screen can be controlled by you with the help of a stick which gives you the ability to move players as you want. At the other end, you will find a connection Action catch which will change depending on the circumstance. By squeezing the catch, you will be able to do jukes, twists and go past obstacles. To block an approach you can switch to players who are located closest to the ball and swipe on the display when you have decided. To kick the ball, you can use the kick meter cone by swiping up and releasing.


The game uses gold coins in order to buy and sell players. You can earn gold coins as you play the game and are actually quite easy to collect. Madden Cash is the in-game currency that is used and can be bought with the help of real-world currency. Unlike other games, Madden Mobile game does not require you to spend your real-world currency unnecessarily since the option of pay or wait is quite limited and in most circumstances the time required to wait is short.

When you play the Madden mobile game, you will find yourself enjoying the reality of the game which makes you feel like you are actually playing football. Moreover, this game will also keep you occupied and get you ready for the NFL season. To have maximum fun, you can also use the madden mobile hack. Depending on the mode of the game you play, your reward will also vary correspondingly. You can also buy blind packs and if you have the same player more than once, you can choose to sell them at the auction.

Modes and Features

There are three modes which can be played in the Madden Mobile game. This includes season, head to head and Live Event. Depending on your choice, you will be rewarded. No matter which mode you play, you will be able to earn a decent amount of coins. The most interesting among the three modes would be the Live Event which offers new challenges to the players which changes on a regular basis. When you play head on head, it will involve playing asynchronous games with more than one player from around the world.

One of the interesting and most played games is Pixel Gun 3D

pixel gun

Many video game players become addicted to play video games as they are most interested in playing. They find it exciting as they could get different kinds of games to play. Numerous games are there in the market with various genres. Gamers choose to play video games from the genres such as shooting, fighting, action, adventure, racing and motor, fun and other kinds of genres. Video game players like to play their favourite games from the most interesting genres so that they don’t feel boring. Action games, shooting games and racing games will be chosen by most of the youngsters as they find it interesting.

They choose to play shooting games as most favourite genre among other types, because they could get the same feeling and excitement as if they see things in the movies. By seeing the main stream movies, they get attracted to super hero movies, fiction and other things which makes them to choose shooting and action games. The game developers put their best efforts to develop creative and stunning games that attract the gamers. They develop games only after understanding the pulse of the gamers so that they bring the super hero and super hit movies in to the games. They use the plot or story line of the favourite and block buster hit movies and it is sure that gamers would play it.

Pixel Gun 3D is a game that is played using swords and weapons to thrash the enemy. This game has excellent game play and it includes the gamer as an important character. Main reason for the success of this game is the way the game play is organized. The game play makes the gamer to stick with the game and after playing the game few times, the player becomes addicted to the games. The interesting part of the game is the graphics used in the game. Graphics of the game is stunning and attractive to eyes. The sound used in the game is fantastic as it suits the best for the game. The background audio is excellent and altogether the game is enjoyable.

Many gamers would like to play this game in multi player arena rather than playing in single player arena. The best of this game is that when they play the multiplayer mode they can challenge their friends and form a group to play either as friends or as opponents. This makes the game much interesting for the players. During the play the player has to choose appropriate weapons so that they will be able to thrash the opponents in the game. As the player advances to new levels, they can choose new weapons but without moving to the further levels they will not be able to use the powerful weapons. They scores has to be increased to get life and saving energy to survive the attack. The player should use pixel gun 3d cheats to unleash new weapons because it will increase the scores as high scores while moving to the next level, new weapons will be unleashed.